Silver Dagger? better keep that away from me!

So after a few months of running D&D, one of my players has stepped up, and is running a Werewolf Apocalypse adventure to give me a break.

I’ve no idea how this works, or what I’m supposed to do, but I’m going for it.

Here follows the writeup of the first session.

Chapter 1 – A stroll in the park.

I was supposed to be sleeping. I’d set my alarm for five, because we had a raid. These days, it’s the only way to sneak the enemies’ keeps and nab their relics. Log on early in the morning when no one else is playing, and be sneaky. I’m good at sneaky.
However, I couldn’t sleep. I’d woken up a short while after drifting off, and for the last couple of hours, I’d had a feeling of dread. Something felt very wrong, and no amount of rolling around on the bed was easing it.
Glancing out of the window, the moon was dancing in and out of the clouds, calling me out to play. Normally I’d be more sensible, and not try to incur Try and Buff’s wrath. Normally.
That itch was still there though, and being outside felt like it’d help. I thought pale and skinny thoughts, and slipped into as close a semblance to human as I could, and slipped on some clothes. I slipped my phone into one of the pockets, and headed for the ground floor.
I’m not supposed to head out without first telling Try, but I had the feeling she wouldn’t say yes. It’s easier to ask forgiveness and all that!
I took the stairs two at a time, avoiding taking the lift. Whilst the building is state of the art, it’s pretty tough to disguise the noise of a large metal box clanking through twenty five floors.
As I opened the front door, the itch became almost painful, and I crossed the road, heading into the park. Ahead of me, five humans were slowly climbing to their feet, groggily questioning what they were doing. Oh, and they were Naked. I’m told that’s an important detail.
As I walked towards them, one of them (a male with scribbles on) pointed into the dark, and said “What the fuck is that?” One of the females was also pointing, but in a different direction. As my human eyes adjusted to the gloom, I saw what they were pointing at. Spirits of the Wyrm were slowly inching towards them. Large reptilian looking beasts, their green skin camouflaging them against the surrounding parkland.
As I closed in, the humans leapt into action, punch and kicking (and, oddly, biting) at the spirits. Its odd to see spirits attack humans, but their nakedness suggested that perhaps they were newly born cubs. Either that, or they’d had one hell of a party. Either way, I couldn’t leave them to deal with this alone. So I did something that could potentially be a bit stupid, I reverted to my natural form, and charged into the Melee.

I got a good swing on the first one, raking my claws across its back, knocking it off its next attack. Take that Kermit! I didn’t see which of the humans got it the next blow, but a moment later I was standing over its corpse, together with a human, and a female wolf (thank god for that. Means I don’t have to explain why I sent some humans bonkers.)
More Frog Spirits swept in, and the pack weren’t doing a bad job holding them off. Another of the pack started to change, his fur and talons extending. He stopped at Glabro form, and leapt across to attack one of the inbound spirits.
Next to me, the scribbled human was looking pretty panicked. I’m guessing he’s never fought side by side with a wolf or werewolf before. He shook it off though, and punched another spirit. It, in turn, swiped at his chest, sending him stumbling backwards. Red gashes across his chest started to weep, and rage clouded his vision. His Muscles briefly contorted, and his fur sprouted. The spirit in front of him stepped back, and seeing my chance, I crushed its skull in my jaws. Glancing around, I could see that the others had taken care of all but one spirit. In his Fury, the scribbled wolf charged towards it. It was felled before he got there though, and with it dropping, his anger faded.

Looking around, they all looked skittish. The only one not to appear freaked out, was the female wolf. She was busy urinating on the already fading spirits. I turned to the scribbled one, and switched back to human form.
‘Calm down Pal,” I said, ‘Deep breaths. Calm thoughts, let’s have you back as you were eh?”
He continued to stare at me, confusion still heavy in his eyes, but slowly his claws retracted, and his fur reverted to skin. Still naked though. No one needs to see naked humans on a cold night.
Turning to the others, I suggested that perhaps everyone needed a beer.
One of the other males, who actually didn’t seem as freaked as the others, suggested that perhaps they also needed clothes. I agreed.

Taking them across to the office, I wondered how easy it would be to sneak them in, and sneak some clothes for them. Seeing Try-Catch in the doorway, with a stern look on her face told me all I needed to know. She berated me, and told me to take the naked folk up to the boss’s office.

Once they were seated, and a little less freaked, she provided them with some answers. While she did this, I nipped off for beers and cloths. Coming back, I properly introduced myself, and was introduced to Ben, Eric, Logan & Get-Away-From-Me. The girl who had turned into a wolf wasn’t talking, and after a while Buffers explained that she was Lupis, so probably wasn’t used to human speech. I tried wolf-speak, but she just grinned at me.

Try patched up the scribbly one, and then told me that this was now my pack, and that I was to stay with them, and help them acclimatize themselves.
Looks like I’m going to miss that bloody raid.

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