Spug – Still alive!

I went through a phase of updating after each D&D session, but November hit, and I kinda got sidetracked by Fallout 4, and then Christmas. I’m sure I’ll catch up on the missed stuff at some stage, but long story short. We saved a princess, snuck into a castle during a festival to rescue an old friend of some of the group. During the rescue the town was set upon by Lizardmen leading an army of insects. They pretty much destroyed the town, and we escaped by ship, along with about 1000 refugees (and several other ships). on our journey home, our ships were attacked by Chule, and they were trying to beach our ship (and others). We fought them off, and the following happened.


Things were looking pretty grim. Whilst the crew of the Charmer had fought off the attacking Chule, saving the ship from being dashed against the shoreline, a misplaced bomb had created a large hole in the Starboard side of the hull.

Rushing around, the crew pulled too, organising repair teams, and trying desperately to patch up the gaping maw. Farl, still transformed into a giant orange and black octopus, threw his tentacles to either side of the hole, plugging it with his body. The ship tossed and rolled in the surf, edging ever closer to the shore.

On the beach, more Chule scuttled towards the waterline, each making a beeline for its ship of choice. Deep in the belly of the ship, Garak and Tempest loaded the cannons, firing shot after shot into the approaching Chule. Tempests first shot punching a hole through the closest crustacian, but her second going wide. Garaks shots unfortunately kicking up sand on the beach as they hit.

Deeper still inside the ship, Deutronomy pushed Farl’s tentacles away from the hole, and with the aid of a singing craftman, began to call upon his god to mend the gaping hole. Water lapped around their feet. As the ship rolled, the water briefly receded, leaving dismembered body parts, repeatedly stabbed.

Sudden Screeching surrounded teh crew, coming from both nowhere, and everywhere at once. Garak dropped to one knee, holding his head in both hands. Deutronomy also lost concentration, glasping both hands to his head. rolling is head backwards and forward to try and ease the screaming.

On Deck, Xavier Peters, a refuge from the recently evacuated city, also fell to his knees. Around him, heroes, valiantly fighting off monsters, and saving hundreds. Behind him, the brave sea dwarf, piloting the ship. He ran to thank the Captain, wrapping his arms around him. The Captain pushed him away, handing him a rope, with the strict instructions to hold it, and not let go.

His eyes travelled the length of the rope, to find it tied at the other end. Bemused he continued to hold it.

The boat continued to buck and shake. Farl reached tentacle over tentacle, pulling himself up the side of the ship. Reaching deck, he morphed back to his bronzed Elven form. Channeling the northern winds, and chanting softly, he exhaled. A gust of directed wind caught the sails, blowing the ship from its destination with the shore.

A rough wave rocked the ship once more. Below decks, Tempest lost her footing, falling out of the cannon port hole, down into the sea. Luckily for her, the water was only slighly deeper than she was tall. Unluckily for her, she was clasping her great axe, and the weight was pulling her towards the sea floor. Even more unlucky, 5 feet away from her, its stalk eyes swivelling to look at her, was the pink carapace of a Chule.

Back in the Cannon deck, Garak saw her fall. Yelling a battle cry, he left through the port hole. Drawing his sword as he dived. He landed with both feet firmly on the back of the Chule, his blade plunging deeply into its back. He bellowed to the ship “Throw down lines!” And was narrowly missed by Rhamos, who lept from the rigging to join him. Rhamos landed, plunging his blade into the mutated beast.

On the deck, Xavier Peters heard Garaks call, and looking down at the end of the rope in his hand, threw it down into the sea. It landed a good distance from the crew, but Spug grabbed the slack, leaping overboard to join them. He’d tried to also land on the Chule, bu mis-timed his jump, instead landing in the water next to Tempest.

Tempest, clutching her axe to her, swam towards the Chule. Dropping below the waves, she launched herself back out, bringing her axed overheard, into the side of the creature. Next to her, Garak removed his shield from his back, whilst balancing upon its back, blocking blow after blow aimed towards his colleagues. Spug and Rhamus, bobbing with each wave struck quickly, and precisely. Gouging and raking at the beast.

In a frenzy, it struck out at Tempest, grabbing her with one of its massive claws, and dragging it towards its maw. Around its mouth, its tentacles started to wrap around her head. In an instant, her form went limp, bobbing on the surface of the water, face up. It raked out at Garak with its other pincer. Forcing him to bob away.

Turning its back on Spug was a huge mistake though. Spying his chance, he drew a second dagger, and plunging one after the other into its spine, he pulled himself up to its back. Leaping to his feet, he stabbed sharply downwards with both daggers into its brain. As it expired, he felt perhaps he should have some witty quip, but he was better at stabbing than well timed puns, so he kept quiet.

The gusts from Farl threw the ship clear of the reef, pushing it into calmer waters, and away from Danger. Deep in the hull, Deutronomy and Iman the singer carpenter finished the repairs. They were out of immediate danger, yet the boat seemed to be picking up speed. Racing up the stairs, Iman rushed to the stern of the ship. Casting off the towlines for the skiff, he lept into the water, intending to board the boat, and take it to the rapidly shrinking crew members left behind.

With each gust of wind from Farl moving the ship faster, Kodlack fought to control the ships wheel. Drawing ever closed to the Zotan vessel, It was all he could do to minimise the damage as the two vessels crunched together.

Coming on deck, Deutronomy and his underling raced to board the vessel, hoping to lend assistance to the crew in their fight against the Chule.

Back on the beach, the survivors of another vessel, wrecked further along the coast rushed towards the Charmers crew. Hopeful, perhaps, that the crew would save them from their pursuers. It was possible, but first they’d need to wake their sleeping Tiefling.

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