Spug’s adventures (D&D 5e down t’pub) Season 2, Episode 3. Crabbing with Gnomes.

Spug’s adventures (D&D 5e down t’pub)

Season 2, Episode 3. Crabbing with Gnomes.

Reaching out Spug grabbed hold of the Gunwale of the rowboat. With a little help, he pulled himself up, and rolled onto the seat. Iman carried on rowing, and Spug grabbed the spare set of oars. Together they pulled towards the shore, and the boat inched closer to Garak, Tempest and Rhamos.
As the boat pulled alongside them, Garak pushed Rhamos into the boat, then Spug and Rhamos helped pull Tempest on board. Once she was on board, Garak pulled himself up, and flopped into the bow.

Beyond the Reef, the Discrete Charmer sat entangled with The Spirit of the Storm. From here, Spug could see a fluffy of activity on deck. It looked like the crew were trying to disengage the two ships, and they both continued to catch the wind, and push away from the rowboat.

Settling in to the oars, they pulled together and started to make headway against the tide. Garak glanced back, seeing the green mottled shell of another Chule, as it slide beneath the waves, leaving a V shaped wake as it headed for the boat. He sat next to Tempest, and Spug next to Rhamus. Together they rowed for all their worth, swiftly pulling towards the stern of the Spirit of the Storm. For each bit of energy expended, it didn’t seem to be enough. The Shell-wake inched closer to the boat, and realising they weren’t going to make it to the Zoton ship, they adjusted course for the raft-house Fantasy 3. Looping a rope around his waist, Rhamus shouted to Tempest “Throw me to the raft! I’ll pull us in.”
“Great Plan!” muttered Spug, “Fishing for Crab with Gnome bait!”
Tempest grabbed the gnome, and easily tossed him to the raft, where the raft owner helped him tow the rowboat in. A swift final pull on the oars from Spug and Garak beached the craft onto the raft, enabling the crew to jump free. As their feet landed on the deck, a loud splash sounded behind them. The Chule had leapt from the water, destroying the rear half of the boat with its claws, sending shards of splinters flying in all directions.

Garak was fastest off the mark, despite his weary demeanour. He leapt forwards, sliding himself and his shield between the beast and Tempest. The beast’s claws closed on his shield, rather than her. It shook the half orc like a doll, and threw him to the floor. Rhamus and Spug slid under the flying half-orc. Both rose, almost simultaneously with their blades extended. Piercing the carapace in two places. Then withdrawing to plan their next strikes.

Tempest struck out at the creature, her axe striking true, and sinking into the creatures shoulder. She wrenched the axe clear. Garak struck again, his blade sliding across the shell, spilling sparks, but no blood. The beast struck again. It wrapped its tendrils around her leg, sinking its teeth into her. Blood flowed over its tendrils, and Tempest started to shake and froth at the mouth. She looked as though she were at deaths door, and seeing Rhamos panic, Spug threw him his last healing potion, and nodded towards her.

They both darted in again, Spug striking true, and Rhamos’ blade sliding across the armour. Tempest snapped out of her Furor, and swung at the beast again, co-ordinating her attack with Garak. Both struck true, but once again, the strength of its Carapace turned aside their blades.
Bleeding from several wounds. The beast clamped its claw around Tempests foot, and slid back into the water, pulling her with it. Rhamus leapt forwards, grabbing Tempests wrist. Spug dropped his rapier, and leapt over his head, drawing his two daggers as he hit the water. The first dagger scraped across the shell, but the second found purchase, biting deep into the meat of the Chule.

It released its hold on Tempest, and Rhamus pulled her back onto the raft. The Chule bobbed to the surface, and Spug used its body as a launching point to leap back onto the raft.
He slumped to the deck, and listened while Garak spoke with the raft captain. Together they flagged down a fishing vessel, who agreed to ferry the group back to the Charmer.

Finally reunited with the crew, they exchanged stories. Farl informed them that there’d been a series of gruesome murders in the hold. He’d had Frog check it out, and between them, they’d found strange puncture wounds on a series of murdered women.

The crew came together to discuss this, and the warmth of the cabin was too much for Spug, and he curled up in the corner and let sleep catch him.

The next morning, the crew gathered around the captain’s table, discussing a plan for the coming day.

Rhamus was to lead an interrogation of the passengers and crew, with both Tempest and Garak to back him up. Farl would sweep the ship for magical items and concealment spells, and both Spug and Frog would search the hold, looking for the murder weapon.
Ringing the ships bell, Bitey Raymond summoned the crew and passengers to the deck. Rhamus started his speech, and undetected both Spug and Frog slipped off into the ships hold.

They’d rifled through several sets of belongings before they found what they were looking for. Hastily shoved into Imans gear was the triangular dagger. Whether it belonged to him or not, they weren’t sure, but Spug shoved it into his backpack. Together they carried on the search. Farl joined them, his eyes clouded over whilst he incanted strange words. His eyes flickered to Spug’s backpack.
“Knife’s in there, we found it” Spug answered, then returned to his search.

Above them, in the captain’s cabin sounds of a fight broke out. Someone was cackling and shouting, then with a shout from Tempest, and a thump, the shouting stopped.

Spug and Farl exchanged a look, and they both went back to the search.

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