Werewolf Episode Three

Looking around, it was clear that none of us were completely sure of what we were supposed to be doing. Thats not the attitude though. If having no clue on what was going on was enough to stop me, I’d certainly not be leading twenty man raids every wednesday.

I glanced around at the others, and started with.. “So, my understanding is that there have been a series of bodies found in the marsh. Theres still both media and police attention, and the local sept would rather this just went away. So, we have two choices. We can look into the murder, assuming the Wyrm is involved in some way. Or, we can make the attention go away. Whilst I’m sure we could get rid of the immediate attention, I’m not sure vanishing police and reporters would get rid of the long term problem.”
“Shall we go solve a murder?”

After checking the murder locations against Google, it looked like it would be about a few hours walk across the marsh. It was dark, drizzly, and I had my van keys in my hand. Bit of luck that.

We clambered into the van, and scribbles took control of the stereo whilst I drove. I thought this was to  stop Eric from playing Shakira on loop, but turns out this was the first track he played.

Traffic was light and as we pulled off the A road onto the lane, I could see the glow of blue flashing lights reflecting from the tres ahead. I pulled up, and asked the pack for advice.
They agreed that parking her, and circling around was probably the best idea. Whilst I’ve no doubt that we could talk our way past a few perimeter guards, it was always better to avoid detection. I killed the lights and engine, and slipped into the back of the van.

The young lady had already shifted to wolf form. It seemed like a sensible plan, so I suggeste that Scribbles leave his gear here, and that we all head off in Lupis form. I locked the door after them, and shifted.

Colours faded, but instantly the landscape around us sharpened. We headed off eastbound, circling out before we could loop back around towards the investigation scene.

As we drew closer, we could see movement around the camp. Our path into the camp woul take us clearly into the path of a sentry, so the female wolf looked across, then with an almost inaudiable chuff she leapt across the pool to our right. Both Scribbles and Eric followed after her, making the 15 foot leap look almost effortless. I wanted to sneak closer, but seeing them showing off, I wanted to copy. Unfortunately though, I’d nt factored my inate ability to fall over non existant barriers, and landed face first in a large patch of especially muddy water. I could almost sense the facepalming from the pack.

Sounds of alarm came from the camp, This called for a distraction.

Fake-dog mode engaged. I bounded around in the water chuffing and barking, then ran off in thee opposite direction, leading my pursuers away from the pack.

A few bushes later, and I engaged stealth mode. Circling round my pursuers I headed back to their camp. The Crime scene tent was flood lit, and as I approached I watched a whit jump suited man dump a black bag outside next to a few others. As he reentered the tent, I nipped forward an grabbed the bag in my teeth. The stench of Wyrm and decay was overwhelming, but I held off retching, and carried the back back to the pack.

Dropping the bag in front of them, I started to rip at it with my claws, (I didn’t want my nose any closer to it than it had to be.)

Inside the bag was a mass of slimy mud. Mud shouldn’t smell this bad. I started to spread the mud around with my paws, and encase inside the mud was a single arm. Four noses stiffed at it, and someone (Eric I think) pointed out that this was rather neatly sawn off, Scribbles mentioned that the entire arm seemed to be covered in pinpricks, probably caused pre-death from the scabbing. Neither of them mentioned the important things though. Why would a police forensic team be sawing up bodies?

I wanted a look inside the tent. I’d overheard one of my pursuers talking about emailing findings, and I wanted to have a nose at what data they had.

We decided that it was probably best to do this together, as chances of detection where likely. We turned to go, and realised that the female wolf had already left, and taken the arm with her.

As we slunk off, a cry came up from the camp. The absense of the bag had been discovered. Up ahead, a figure stepped clear of the trees, sighting a pistol on Scribbles. I ran forward unseen, and leapt for his arm, sinking my teeth deeply into his wrist. Gaia, he tasted bad! Eric hit him from the other side, almost taking him from his feet. He got a shot off at Scribbles, before I ripped his forearm off. Scribbles leapt (bleeding slightly) across the clearing, and took him in the chest. From behind the silent form of the female wolf closed upon his face. In my head, at this point, I was screaming “go for the eyes boo! Perhaps we should call her boo. Its certainly better than “female wolf”.

Around me, everyone was trying to lick the taste from their mouth. He tasted bad!

Sound from the camp increased, and three more assailants ran towards us. A man in a suit looked spooked, and turn and ran. Eric charged after him. Eric and tag teamed two white jumpsuit-clad people. Boo charged for the other attacker. Our opponents grew long talons from their hands, and with a speed almost as fast as ours, they attacked. I swithe to my natural form, and Eric followed form. My opponent managed to get a glancing blow in, before I ripped her apart. Scribbles was managing besides me, but his injury was slowing him. I turned to help him, while Boo destroyed her enemy.

Once the enemy was down, I looked over to see Eric standing over the suited enemy. He lay face first in the mud, and Eric drove his foot down into his chest. I scooped up the gun from the first enemy, and pulled a knife and spare clip from his belt. Eric pulled a phone from the suited guy, and threw it to me. Boo started dragging corpses into the tent.

The sound of a police radio interupted us. And just outside two police officers were heading our way. I didn’t fancy explaining why we were in an active crime scene, why we were covered in blood, and I guess more importantly, why we were half man, half wolf. So after a quick check for laptops (no joy) we grabbed what evidence we could find, then we legged it, heading via an indirect route back to the van.

Safely back, we changed, started the van, and headed back to the visitors centre.

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