Of Mountains and freezing water.

Technically by now, I should have posted both a Werewolf update, and a D&D update. however, I spent the last week panicking quietly about a trip abroad. Questions like “whats going to go wrong”, “will I enjoy my trip away with people I don’t really know”, “How will I fit in”. All the standard questions…

Its my brothers 40th birthday, or it was a few days ago. We came out together to Marbella in Spain (I add that last part, because I don’t really know who reads this. It ‘could’ be helpful?) He invited around 20 people out, and in normal party fashion, it dwindled the closer it got to the day. we’ve had a total of 8, but right now, we’re at seven, as one was only able to be out for a few days.

I’ve met and spoken with a few of the other guests before, but they’re pretty much strangers to me, friends of my brother. I came into this knowing that most of them are heavy drinkers when out, and this is something that I’m not. But, that’s OK, because peer pressure isn’t a thing 🙂 To prove this,


A Large one

I had a cocktail, and told the waiter after that one was enough, and that I’d like a coke. He brought me a mini cocktail. laughs were had all round.
We’ve had a most amusing time so far. With humour befitting a group of blokes on holiday together. Cock jokes abound, and where double meaning can be found, its implied.
So far, we’ve sampled a lot of the local dishes. Something I’m sure Cal would be proud of me for. I don’t eat much variety. Local dishes cause panic attacks. I’ve only had one or two so far that I’ve not 100% known what they are, but I’m blocking my brain from filling in the gaps. We have two awesome guides in the form of Caleb’s friend Marc, and his Girlfriend Rofio. Marc is our driver/translator, and Rofio is his translator and provides the proper explanations to us.

We hoped to do some silly activities whilst out here, but so far most of the water sports and go-karting type things are closed. Today we hiked up a few mountain trails. Admittedly we didn’t climb peaks, but we got to experience some breath-taking scenery, meet some wild goats, and scream in terror at mountain roads. Roads only slightly wider than the car, with drop offs that make you pee your pants. admittedly, there’s barriers. I’m glad that someone made these barriers 100 years ago, out of untreated timber. They’re sure to stop a plummeting car!

I bailed on beers tonight, because I’m knackered, and my quick hour nap, turned into a quick 5 hour nap. However, its given me a little time to listen to music, watch some shows I saved to my tablet (in case of down time) and… well.. write this I guess?

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking a stroll, I’m heading down to hunt for the beach again. There’s a major road between the villa and the beach, and we tried to find a through route the other day. It led to Rob and I trespassing on a golf course, and being escorted off by security in a golf cart. I blame Rob… It was his idea!

Rumour has it that ‘funny beach’ has water sports. That’s its real name. Yes, we’ve nicknamed it something similar, but we’re blokes, and have been drunk for most of the holiday so far. We get a pass.

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