Lazy McLazyface.

So, I realise I’ve been incredibly lazy, and haven’t made a blog post in a long ol’ time….

I shall pretend to make up for this by posting extra stuff later, but we all know how I am.

So, things that have been going on? Nothing major. Had my holiday, booked to go on Holiday again in August, though this time with my OH and kids. (minus one, as he won’t fly) Off to see Korea, which I’m quite excited about, but the pessimist in me is waiting for something to stop me going. Social-wise D&D is still taking a few evenings a week. Though I’m now running two of these three evenings. I’m pondering whether I can persuade someone else to step in and run one of these, but we’ll see how that goes.

Boaty McBoatface has scooped the number one most voted for name in the boatnaming competition for the new British Research ship. I feel I may sue due to naming conflicts!

Oh, I’ve also run out of Xcom2 & Fallout 4 steam, so Recently I started my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2. Finished that one pretty quickly, and moved on to Mass Effect 3. I’m not enjoying the third as much as I did the second. The tech paths aren’t quite as clear for navigation, and I miss mining planets for materials. Still feels like missions are on rails. But the story makes up for it I guess.

We also recently joined Zipcar. We got rid of our car several months ago, on the basis that owning a car in London probably costs me an extra £2k a year, and we certainly don’t use one enough to warrant that. The idea behind zipcar is that you pay to join (£60 a year) then hire cars/vans by the hour. Petrol, Insurance, congestion charge are all taken care of, and each hour costs about 7 quid. Thats the equivalent of a 15 minute taxi journey, so its a no brainer. We got it, on the understanding that we might use it once a month, if we’re lucky. We’ve had it a week, and used it three times already.

Its just too useful NOT to use.

Right, with that blatant plug out of the way. Time to sign off!

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