Tuesday nights in the Elder Kin house.

My Tuesday night group (The one I play Spug in) is on a break at the moment. The GM has been running things for about 2 years, and is a bit burnt out. In the absence of a GM, I’ve offered to run a few sessions. Technically, I’m cheating, and using maps and idea’s I’ve used or will use for my Wednesday group. So I may have to be tactical because I know some of them read this. However, I’ve run the following session with both groups now, and it differed significantly (as I altered the session for my wednesday group to fit the larger numbers and make the puzzle harder). In the absence of my players writing up whats happening, I’ve had to draft it. Its a little rougher, because its not from a point of view, and I’ve had to miss details because they didn’t catch them.

The setting devised was to aid the fact that my tuesday group is pretty much a drop in/drop out group. There’s a collection of 10+ players, and you’re not guarentee’d who will be there. So as a result, I needed some reason they might not be there. Enter the Fey Realms. Fey abducting people, and have them perform deeds for their entertainment. Welcome to the Elder Kin house. Where there’s no promise you’ll make it out alive.


Waking in a strange room, The four strangers couldn’t be more different.
Sir Bartholomew Goldadder the eleventh. Decked in the finery that obviously pegged him as a man of noble birth, clothing slightly rumpled after a nights rest, but clean (bar the small spillage of wine on his crisp white shirt).
Colin, a small unfortunate lad, ginger hair uncontrollable, with the nervous air of someone in servitude. Constantly looking for where the next order or reprimand will come from.
Francis Drake, a creature from legend, Scaled and sinuous, part man part dragon who rose effortless from his curled sleep into a cross legged position. Grace combined with a sense of inner peace.

And last, but by no means the least, Maestro the Magnificent. A Mage of remarkable abilities, power and confidence radiating from him (providing you don’t look too closely). Classically trained in either magic or theatre, he wouldn’t confirm which.
All four rose unaware of where they were, or how they’d come to be in such a predicament. Exploring the house, they discovered a number of rooms. A central seating area, a library of books, a kitchen with food that smelled better than any food they had tried before.
A voice boomed from all around, introducing itself as ‘Elder Kin’, and warning them that they had strayed across the Fey Realms, sleeping carelessly in circles of land owned by the Fey. As such, they owed boons, and these would need to be paid off by entertaining them. For now though, they were welcome to eat the prepared food, and make use of the facilities of the house. Once they were sated, their first challenge would begin.
The four ferociously devoured the food, and when sated, discussed their plans. Once ready, the disembodied voice guided them to a door, which opened ahead of them. On stepping through the doorway they found themselves in a large room.

A spiked pit filled the centre of the room, and suspended above it, a glass encased platform held a puzzling path for them. Each floor tile held 4 symbols, and on entering the platform, a glass door slid across the entrance.
The adventurers tried a number of different paths, and even tried cheating by jumping over tiles. Every path they tried seemed to magically relocate them back to the start, with a clunk, a click, a whirl, or a thunk.
Studying the pathways, they decided to try following a straight path, following a spiral pattern around the outside. As Bart took each step, the tiles lit up underneath him, eventually allowing him to reach the object of the puzzle, a table with six potions upon it.
Pocketing four of the potions, he returned to the others, and they left by the door they entered.
Instead of returning them to the room they’d previously left, they instead stared from the doorway at the deck of a ship. It rolled with the waves, and spray washed across them.
Standing to the side of the door, a small creature turned to face them. Wearing what could only be described as “something biggers pirate clothing” This Goblin gave a yelp, and screamed for help. Five of its friends answered its call, and rushed to attack.
Maestro raised his cloak to cover his face, whispering frantically while reading from his book. The First Goblin suddenly stopped, looking confused. The others continued to rush in, and both Bart and Francis jumped into the frey.
It wasn’t a long battle, but the three of them tore into the goblins. Maestro twisting their minds, Francis twisting their limbs, and Bart twisting their entrails as he removed them.

From the head of the ship, a bellowing cry sounded, and the Orc captain came running into view. Bart stepped up to go toe to toe with him, with Francis nipping past to heck for further threats.
The Orc put up a valiant fight, but fell to Bart’s blows.
As he fell to the ground, the air around them shimmered, and they found themselves seated once more in the central area of the ship.
The voice chuckled, and congratulated them on their first challenge. It bid them eat of the food, and rest if they wished, for the next challenge would soon be upon them.

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