My Mum cries every time she sees me !

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong! I mean, surely I can’t be upsetting her that much!

I jest though, I live in London, and my folks live in sunny Poole. There’s about two and a half hours in the car between us, so with life being as hectic as it is, I don’t get to see them as much as I like. Add to that the logistics of getting a family of five organised enough to make that journey, and you end up with one or two trips a year.
Sometimes though, I like to show up unannounced.
Today was her birthday, she’d already emailed to say not to sorry about getting her anything this year. Yeah right, cos that’s likely. Cal has suggested at the weekend that I surprise her again, so I phoned and told her that her parcel was scheduled for delivery around eleven.
Then I got the kids ready for school, dropped the youngest off, walked the dogs, then jumped in the car. Three hours later, and I had another patch of tear stained shirt, and my mum was composing her self again. All in all, I’d call it another success.

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