Being (or pretending to be) an Adult sucks!

Remember when you were young, and living with your parents. A day off meant a day playing with toys, or in the park, or visiting friends. You’d know that you had a day ahead of you of either doing nothing, or doing fun things all day. either of these options was good.

Last week, I took the entire week off. I had a hospital appt with one of my sons on the Monday, and on Thursday I was intending to visit my Mum, and wish her ‘Happy Birthday’ in person. That was, technically, the total of my plans. So, working from my previous statement, of having time off, you’d think I was chilled out now, and relaxed after a week off.

Nope, being an adult punched me in the stomach, and ran away giggling. Monday was filled with dropping off parcels, trying to find a travel agent who’d allow us to use our travel agent vouchers. Hospital visits, and lots of other business. Tuesday we went shopping. Bought food, clothes, and various other bits that were needed, by the time we finished, and got the shopping put away, it was time to collect the kids from school, and start the evening routine. The week continued in that vein, though it finished with a great afternoon on Saturday, when myself and two friends played board games for the afternoon. We were celebrating International Tabletop day, and we did it in style. We share some wins amongst us, and a few losses too. Maia loved to join in with the games she knew, and watched on those she didn’t.

So with one day left to relax, we sat down yesterday to watch Frozen, (which Maia and Cal had already watched, but I’d not been around on that day). I was humming ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ for the rest of the day.

Today, I’m back at work. Worse than that though, I’m in the office, which is a rarity. Work load is light at the moment, so its very much a stare at the screen day.

On that note though, I’m going to leave you to go stare at the screen.

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