Tak’s Adventures – Angry Tak.

Episode something-or-other

Tak gets angry.


It’s not often I lose my temper. All in all, I’m a pretty laid back Tiefling. I’ve seen comrades pull the arms off halflings, rip deep gnomes limb from limb, and generally litter in a no-littering area. But I don’t do that sort of thing, I wouldn’t say Boo to a goose (unless it gave a really bad performance).

Today though, I got a little mad.

We’d just save the dwarven priest from the human idiots who thought it a good idea to torch his church. We pretty much taught them the meaning of “whoops my bad” and left them charred and regretting their life choices. Poor old Father whats-his-face was somewhat the worse for wear, and Drax did some of his holy mumbo-jumbo, and cleared his head for him.

All good so far, and at this point Thistle the wonder-girl shows up. First words out of her mouth where to ask why I’d torched HER church. Pretty sure it was Father Oraths church, not hers. I may have gotten a little angry and uttered a few words. Father Orath asked “what in the name of the child was going on”, so I gently informed him of the cheerful deeds of Thistle. I may have only used the words “manipulative cow” once or twice and “scheming riddler” a few more. Next thing I knew, she turned on me, pointed her finger and I was somewhere else.

It was a bit dark, and I couldn’t feel my arms or legs. To be fair though, I also couldn’t see them either. After a moment, my sight adjusted, and I could see thousands of points of light, some brighter than others. Almost looked like the night sky, only… all around me rather than above me.

On second glance, the stars were moving, or maybe I was. Focusing a little more, It seemed maybe it was me moving. Falling even. It seemed like the perfect time to start screaming.

I screamed for a bit.

After a short while, it became apparent that while I was falling, I wasn’t actually going to hit anything in the near future. I stopped screaming.

Something whooshed past my head and exploded. I’m not in the habit of hanging around when that happened, so I glanced back. A giant metal arrow seemed to be throwing molten balls of rock at me. Not overly friendly if you ask me, so I tried casting a spell to stop it.

Nothing happened.

Oh, yeah, now wiggly fingers, and words only happened in my head.

I wracked my brains, and remembered a few spells that needed neither. Oddly though, this manifested as a sort of superheated beam of light.

When in Rome

(I’m not sure where Rome is, I heard a human say it once)

A few more orbs whizzed past my head, and I started to get angry. Stupid little girl, sending me whizzing off into the sky, only to have elven boats (I’d nailed this now, it was obviously a boat of elven wizards) throw fireballs at me. Pointy eared bastards.

I decided enough was enough, and started trying to get closer to the boat. I was going to show these elves a thing or two.

One of the fireballs grazed me. Didn’t hurt so bad after all. I don’t even know why I was avoiding them. I renewed my efforts to get to the boat. Boy were they going to be surprised.

Suddenly, in front of my appeared a ghostly Thistle. I shot her accidentally. The shot went straight through, so I made sure to accidentally shoot her again.

She didn’t look pleased, and asked If I wanted to talk. I politely told her my opinion on this, and she frantically informed me that every time these fireballs hit me, something bad was happening to my friends. This would be why it didn’t hurt me so much I guess.

Nobody hurts my friends. They’re the only ones I have.

I politely asked Thistle to send me back to my friends, which she immediately did. Arn, Drax, Echo and someone new stood around a giant slime beast. All looking somewhat splattered and hurt.

Balling up the rage I sent forth a scream of rage. I’ve been practising this, and can now successfully channel my voice into a thunderous attack.

Slimeface didn’t seem happy about this, so I did it again and he exploded.

My friends got an unexpected mudbath, which to be fair would possibly help their complexion. Turning on my heel, I spotted a shambling mound of vegetation trying to sneak up on me. Full on tiptoes and everything!

It landed two lucky blows on me, but seemed pissed when I stepped back. Echo looked puzzled to see me, but roared with joy shortly after. (Could have been the polymorph spell. I’ve never turned him into a wyvern before)

After that, the fight was won. I’d go into details, but none of it was about me, so obviously not as interesting. Echo seemed happy to curl up afterwards and explore the scalier form. Now all I need to do is hash out with Thistle why she sent me to deal with elves on a boat.


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