Something stalks us. Spookah!

For someone remarkably intelligent, Tia’Vari has an appalling memory… I’d always thought Dragons had long memories, like Elephants. Apparently not.
We spent an hour or so travelling from the ruins of the dwarven priests burnt out Church. Tia’Vari had appeared in front of us just after the fight had finished, and I spent the travel time explaining the occurrences of the day to the priest, Tia and Grum. We made camp and I collapsed into a sleep deprived coma. Normally it’d be blackness, and an absence of dreams after a day like that one, but dreams came quickly. We were once again on an island, and in front of us stood an adult version of Thistle. She’d taken my comments to heart, and decided to be more forthcoming. For this we were all grateful. We talked about my time as an elven skyboat, and she confirmed that this was, in fact, how she spent most of her time. She wasn’t a sky elf though. In coming days, she’d have to devote more time to not getting hit by fireballs, so as such wouldn’t be around as much.

The creatures shooting at her were dead. Possibly zombie sky elves? She wasn’t too clear on that.

However, our mission remained. We were to find the forest warden, power him up, and off we go.

We woke up, completely unaided. No one slapped anyone awake…

Over the next day, I sang to the dwarven priest, explaining out travels so far. His religion seemed to have changed to match Thistles new form. Though he had no recollection of this happening. More odd happenings. He was quite forthcoming about the Forest Warden’s heir. Apparently it was a famous family, known for protecting the king of the land. He gave us the name too.
Armed with this, it should be a piece of cake.

Over the next couple of nights, it became obvious that something was stalking us.

On the first night, Tia’Vari’s hand started to glow. A little questioning, and she remembered that her father’s soul gem had embedded itself there, she believed it was pointing her towards the mountain she seeked, but it seemed odd that this only occurred when we detected something evil in the region. She’d completely forgotten that this gem existed. I’m pretty sure I’d remember my dead Dad implanting part of his soul in me… Maybe that’s just me.

Arn and Drax scouted the area, finding tracks of a clawed beast. The tracks ended after a while, and we decided to sleep again. Tia’Vari remembered that she could ask questions of her dead father via the power of the soul gem. She spent the next couple of nights asking about him, and the creature stalking us. She’s convinced its not him, but I’m not so sure.

A few nights on, he appeared again, though this time we managed to track him to a nearby village. I voted we leave them, and use the distraction to get as far away as possible. I remember the fight with Tokable and Grellan. They supposedly killed this beast before… I’m not sure we’re going to be able to hurt it.
However, here we stand, looking over the sleeping village, all the while it stalks ever closer.

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