A little bird told me…

Today we got to meet the future Forest Warden. You’d think that would classify as the defining point of the day.

We’d spent the day watching Tia’Vari train. The amusement factor had waned, and now the only enjoyment I was getting, was from playing tunes for the students in the library whilst they read.
During the evening meal, a large bell started to sound. None of the Knights seemed fazed by this, and the only one to rise and leave was the commander. We followed him to see what was causing the commotion, and he stopped outside and started casting at the large tree in the centre of the courtyard.

The Tree started to open up, and it burped up an armoured figure. To be honest, I had no idea that trees could eat people. This changes everything.

Dovin Treeguard strode forth, ranting that “Anis is running the whole show now. He’s relegated the Princess to her Summer residence, and is refusing to grant anyone access. He claims she’s ‘too ill’. He’s bought out the council. They all answer to him!”

The Commander interupted him at this point, telling him instead to meet him in his office. They both headed out, and this was too juicy a story to miss out on, so I shifted form to that of a starling, and flew around the castle to the commanders window, where I perched and listened to him rant further on the subject. The Commander told him that he had no one to spare, and couldn’t mount an offensive against the capital, based purely on a feeling. He’d think about it, and they could talk about it in the morning.

I quickly flapped back to the group, and filled them in on what I’d heard. Moments later Dovin exited into the courtyard.

I quickly introduced myself, and the rest of the group (bar the trainee Tia’Vari, who was on cleanup duty in the great hall) and launched into our tale once more. Dovin seemed sceptical, but once we mentioned his ancestors name, he started to pay attention. Going for broke, I told him about the staff of seasons, and passed it to him. He unwrapped it, and held it aloft. A massive bolt of lightning, together with a thunderclap filled the courtyard. I may have miscalculated there, but Dovin seemed unhurt. We quickly wrapped it again, and I slung it across my back. Tia’Vari came pounding into the courtyard, looking to see if we were under attack. Spotting the staff being slung over my back, she grabbed for it. She was still intent on owning it for herself, oblivious to the danger it posed to her and everyone close.

We argued about this some more, when the others pointed to the sky. Looks like this arguement was saved by ‘Dead Dad’. He was returning, and at speed, bellowing about unleashed power. I’ll be honest, I tuned out at this stage, because the last thing we needed was Dovin getting eaten by the Dragon. I grabbed him, and teleported away, depositing him in the Commanders office. “Stay here!” I ordered, thinking to keep him safe, he argued it briefly, but I gave him a look, knowing he’d obey and stay. I teleported back to the fight, where everyone seemed engaged with the dragon.

Seconds later, Dovin appeared behind me, weapon drawn. Balls.

I threw him the staff, telling him to use it, as it’d help! Hopefully this would keep him out of the fight a little longer. Back in the courtyard, Drax had cast his mightiest spell yet. The Dragon stood rigid, whilst everyone laid into it with everything they had. Echo stood at my side, keeping watch over the battlefield.

The Dragon snapped out of his immobilised state, and unleashed a breath attack across the courtyard, taking out a number of guards, and wounding some of my friends. It tore left and right, snapping and clawing at anyone in range. With each blow it received, it returned the force tenfold. However, cracks began to appear it its scales, and tendrils of dark mist oozed from each wound it suffered. It made one final attempt to destroy everyone around it, dropping me into unconciousness, before we slew the beast.

After a little healing from my friends. we stood looking over the battlefield, we lost many of the humans that stood alongside us, and almost lost our record of our trials so far! However, in front of us lay the decayin corpse of ‘Dead Dad’. Hopefully he’ll stay dead, but we’ll have to see what happens there.