Just dragon around my Treasure!

So for anyone wondering “How do Dragons carry around their cash? Do they have wallets made out of Orc-skin?” I can finally answer that question!

A swift search of the rapidly decaying corpse of Dead Dad revealed a large chain necklace around his neck. I tried, and failed, to loop it over the skull, but couldn’t quite manage it. Prior to lopping off the head (and upsetting his daughter) I asked Maeb to help. She pointed out that it’d probably be easier to undo the clasp, and once again I felt like an idiot.

Removing the clasp, the chain immediately shrunk so that I was holding a necklace I could easily loop around my neck. Not being so daft as to immediately put on a magic item without checking it first, I cast ‘Identify’ on it, to ensure it wasn’t cursed.

No Curse!


Dangling from the chain was a small pouch, and inside the pouch was a piece of material blacker than almost anything I’d seen before. Another quick spell, and we knew we had a portable hole in our hands. I’d never seen one before, so we stretched it out in front of us, and concentrated to activate it.

The cloth stretched to a six foot diameter, and rippled slightly. The darkness of the material shifted, and suddenly we were no longer looking at material, but at a pit in front of us. As the light shifted to illuminate it, we realised we weren’t actually looking at a pit, but at a pile of gold. A very big pile of gold. A very very big pile of gold. In amongst the gold, items poked out. Teapots, jewel encrusted candlesticks, some weird gold egg thing. We really needed to sort through this and see what we were dealing with.

I jumped down into the pit, and started throwing gold out onto the courtyard. Someone threw a bucket down, and I started to use this instead. We turn up a few magic items in the clearance, but we weren’t making much of a dent. We’d probably cleared about a foot and a half depth of gold, and this this was about six foot deep. Sticking up from the pile was a staff, and Tia’Vari seemed enraptured by it. Trying to pull it out wasn’t working.  It was time to think outside the hole.

I jumped out of the hole, and picked it up. Leaving the spoils already turfed out, we retreated back to our room. Picking the biggest wall, I waited whilst everyone retreated to the floor above, and then slapped the hole against the wall and turned and ran.

This wasn’t a good plan.

The pit immediately paid attention to gravity, and the hundreds of thousands of gold coins, items, and other jagged heavy things attacked me with the force of… well, hundreds of thousands of heavy things being affected by gravity.

It hurt, and I was carried swiftly towards the opposite wall.

Spending a few minutes digging myself out, I could hear the others sniggering. They tried to mask it, but there was definite laughter.

Tia stepped down onto the settled pile of gold and claimed the staff. We then set about filtering through the gold for other bits.

After claiming all of the magic items, and sweeping the gold back into the pit (This required a relocation of the pit to the floor) We remembered that the whole reason we’d been in the courtyard was to speak with Dovin.


A few minutes later, Dovin sat talking with us in our room. We persuaded him that being the Forest Warden was the best path to protecting the realm, but first we had to agree to rescue the Princess with him. It was, hopefully, an easy task. Nowhere near the calamity of fighting an undead dragon. Heck, I’d probably not need to turn into a dinosaur for it!


We agreed that we’d have to sneak out at midnight, and Dovin had a way to get us to the Summer residence that the Princess was being kept at.

At midnight, we grabbed our horses, and Dovin brought an older druid out into the courtyard. He reached out towards the massive Oak in the centre of the courtyard, and a small hole in the centre quickly widened to a five foot wide portal. Dovin hurried us inside, and as we stepped out of the other side of the trunk, we were no longer inside the chapterhouse of the order. We now stood in a densely wooded area, which quickly hushed on our arrival.

I could get used to this method of travel.