Never send a Kobold as a welcoming party.

As we reached camp, we were greeted by the site of Arn ruffling Echo’s ears. Tia’vari still slept, but the Goliath Ranger was back on his feet. We filled him in on the recent developments and discussed tactics as to how we could get the Princess to safety without being arrested ourselves. Eventually we persuaded Dovin that we could send her to the Chapterhouse without having to go ourselves. This way avoiding incarceration. After a little debate he agreed, and Rarity (Maeb’s mount) agreed to carry her through. We left a note, and included a dose of the poison we’d found.
Dovin ran a bell which summoned forth a portal within a tree, and Rarity rode through.

Dovin stepped up to the tree, and placed the bell at its roots. Turning, he warned us “They can track this. We should leave before the come to investigate. This was enough warning, and I polymorphed Drax back into a triceraDrax. He lumbered off into the night carrying Tia and Maeb. I mounted my faithful steed Bunny, and gave chase.

Just short of an hour later, and we set up camp. I’d say for the night, but it was almost morning. The multiple polymorphs spells had put a massive drain on me, and I swiftly fell into a dreamless sleep.

I guess my exhaustion showed, because I wasn’t woken for a watch that night, and I awoke to the smell of cooking oats the next morning. Dovin had prepared Porridge for breakfast, an dgulping it down we set about planning for the next steps.

Tia still hadn’t woken, but we decided to head for the mountains anyway. If she didn’t wake beforehand, perhaps we could activate the gem buried in her hand anyway. I wasn’t sure how this would work, but we could give it a try.

Dovin estimated it’d take about 4 days of travel, so we packed up and headed out.

Four days was pretty accurate. Within 2 days the trees had thinned enough to show the mountain. By the third day, we could see the outline of a small tower upon the mountain. On the fourth day, we started our ascent.

The path wove its way up the foot of the mountain, and in almost no time, it became treacherous. Sheer drops to either side of us as we climbed higher.

As the path switched back on itself, we heard a deep grunt, and a large troll-like creature stepped around a boulder in the path. I tried to shake it with a thunderwave, and when it stood resolute, Drax stepped in and punched it from the path. It sailed out over the drop-off, its arms flailing almost comically.

From above us, a series of rocks rained down. Arn took a hit, and the rest of us took cover. Maeb spread her wings, and leapt up into the air for a better view. She counted three enemies out to us. I asked Arn if he was ready, and before he could reply teleported him up to the ledge above us. He gave me a familiar scowl before the troll that waited above laid into me with a flurry of attacks.

It was all I could do to stay standing. The creature resisted the majority of my attacks, but fortunately I wasn’t alone. Arn peppered the creature with attack after attack. His new weapon glowing blacker with each successful hit. The creature stood up to the first barrage of attacks, but fell to the second. Behind me Maeb unleashed divine wrath on a second troll, and as both trolls fell, a small winged beast fired crossbow bolt after bolt at me. Growing tired at this, I snatched a bolt from the air and commanded it to stop attacking.

Strangely it ignored me. Normally that worked!

Drax however, was prepared for this, and weaved his radiant magic, locking the small winged creature in place. Arn stepped in, and restrained it, whilst Echo playfully batted at is as it fell into Arns grasp.

Normally at this point, we chat with the enemy, they see the error of their ways, and we all laugh about the misunderstanding.

This creature called me a bad name, so we killed it.


Ahead of us stood an odd tower. Its doors lay upon the snow in front of it, and it climbed up from the mountain like a rotten tooth. Half way up, the walls crumbled to nothing. Yet further up still, the top of the tower hung suspended, with nothing holding it in place.

Maeb took to the skies to carry out some Recon, and did her best to resemble a porcupine as a wave of crossbow bolts filled the air.

We decided that an airborn assault might not be the cleverest. So we used the front door. Its always served us well.

I was midway through a cunning plan that involved the severed head of the Kobold and my invisible friend Phillip when another Troll leapt from the dark to attack us.

Bloody Trolls ruining my plans.