Troll Poop is not a bludgeoning weapon.

Ok. It wasn’t one Troll. It was two. In close quarters two Trolls can be devastating.

Fortunately, Maeb, Arn and Drax used the setup of the tower to their advantage, funnelling the Trolls through a choke point. Tia woke and moved in to join the fray. The pair of us stood at the back throwing fire and lightning about, and the two attacking trolls fell to our collective might!

Ready to congratulate everyone, I turned to spot two more Trolls sneaking up on us from behind. The first got off a good hit on me before I blasted him (I shouldn’t assume really, this could have been a her) and the following troll with a lightning bolt. I sidestepped keeping it in the doorway, and Arn came to join us.

A series of spells, strikes and bites, and both trolls shuffled off to deadsville.

With four trolls already ambushing us, it was time to try the quiet approach. Arn snuck off to investigate, and found another troll, this time sleeping. My Great Uncle Dakit was a bard of some reknown, and had great wisdom he’d impart at times like this. Perhaps my favorite was “Don’t wake the bloody Troll you numbnut.”

We followed that wisdom, and backed away to investigate another area.

From behind a pile of rubble Drax spotted a pair of eyes watching us. Dashing forward to check, he spotted the retreating form of a Kobold.

Someone discovered a staircase whilst I was trying to call to the Kobold to come back. A little investigation proved it was not exactly the safest in the realms, and Maeb spent a minute trying to fix it up and make it safe for us. It still required a little Parkour, but once up, we used a rope to help the larger members of the party join us.

On the next floor up, we spotted the Kobold once more as it bolted into a room. We gave chase, and Tia’Vari rushed in behind it. Unfortunately, the Kobold hadn’t waited for her. Instead, a large studded trunk swung down from the ceiling, smashing into her, knocking her sideways.

Great, traps. Time to be a little more careful.

No sign of a Kobold in this room though, which was odd, because we’d clearly seen him enter it. I stepped out into the corridor, to check one of the other paths, to hear a shout from the room behind. A secret door had been found, but our Goliaths were a little too large to fit in, which meant it was down to Tia and me. Down the second corridor I spotted the Kobold again as he bolted into another room. Drax came to join me at the intersection, and I nipped back to check the secret door with Tia.

We followed the path that the Kobold had taken, careful for any further traps. Exiting via the same door we’d seen it exit, We spotted Arn stepping into a room ahead of us. He leapt to one side with cat-like dexterity, narrowly avoiding a bucket of troll poo which hit the floor with… well, I’d like to say a thud, but I think the troll may have needed to see a medic.

A shout from the corridor sent Arn and echo running through. Drax had spotted the Kobold again, but it had escaped once more. Arn and Echo came barrelling out, ending up face to face with it. It evaded Arn, but Echo took a swipe knocking it down. Fortunately, he hadn’t killed it though, just knocked it out. Arn picked it up in one hand, and pinned the unconscious creature against the wall with one hand. His hand glowed with a natural light, and the Kobold woke up squirming.

I stepped up, seizing the chance to practice my Draconic.

“Hello little one, you may not know this, but you’re in the presence of some mighty Heroes. This here is the Hero Tia’Vari, and her quest is to recover an item of hers that’s located here. I’m sure you’d love to help her wouldn’t you? She’s looking for an egg.”

His eyes went wide, and he started to stammer.

“Now, I think we can talk calmly, can’t we. My friend Arn here is going to let you down, and you’ll talk with us won’t you? We can keep the kitty under control, but if you try to run he’ll hunt you down and eat you.”

The Kobold freaked out, but nodded sharply.

“Arn, put him down, he’s not going to run.”

And then, in Draconic. “Where is the egg little one?

His eyes strayed upwards, I’d guess towards the tower. “He has it! Grand Highest Priest Lokkit the 17th. He said that Dirt couldn’t touch it. Dirt wasn’t allowed. No Wings for Dirt.”

“Your name is Dirt?” I asked, and he nodded. “Dirt, if you can help us get the egg, I’m sure we’ll allow you to touch it before we leave! For now, you just need to stay quiet, and out of our way.”

He seemed happier, but still nervous. Glancing down the corridor I could see why. Echo had hunkered down, and his tail we twitching a little. I pointed it out to Arn, and asked that Echo stand down.

“We’re letting Dirt go for now, he’s our friend now!” Arn didn’t look convinced, but Echo moved over next to him, and Dirt cautiously backed down the corridor to the corner, then bolted out of sight.

In the room we’d caught Dirt in front of, we found another staircase up. This one in slightly better condition. Before we headed up, I just needed a breather. I sat for half an hour, whilst Tia searched the remaining rooms, being careful to avoid any other traps. In doing so, she also uncovered Dirt’s bolthole, but decided to not bother him any further.

On returning, we gather our stuff, ready to head upwards towards the floating tower.