Cringing at the sound of my own voice.

One of the minor tasks I get to carry out, as part of my day to day job, is to record small videos showing our product at work. Each of these is approximately 5 minutes long, and designed to give an idea of how our software does certain tasks. Initially, we thought we’d got away with recording the footage, adding text overlay, and bam, one video thankyouverymuchthatsawrap.

Only, it wasn’t. a few of our managers watched them, and said “This’d be much better with a spoken word overlayed. just knock us up a few, and we’ll see how it sounds.”

Myself and our colleagues stared in horror at each other (though, I’m imagining this bit, as we work from home, so I’m assigning my facial horror to them too,) and we divvied up the work, and went away and recorded one each. Apparently, our horror wasn’t apparent, because the result was liked, and as a result, we got to do more. Yay.

Today I finished my second one. I’ve sat listening to my own voice for most of the day whilst piecing snippits together. Its not fun. However… It has nothing on last week where we were invited into the office to be filmed. I’m REALLY not looking forward to seeing that one. Wonder if I can get them to photoshop me.

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