Tak – Not all Kobolds are bad!

Well, A flying tower. How about that.

Yes, admittedly it was flying before and we were awed by that, but it was more hovering than flying… Now, it seemed to be heading firmly north. Perhaps there was some kind of reins we could use to guide it?

Then, it struck me… Where was Arn? Did we leave him on the ground? How careless!

Lots of thoughts were whizzing around in my brain, and when that happens, sometimes you need to sit back and let them whizz. I stared out from the balcony into the distance, and let them whizz. The distance waved at me, so out of politeness I waved back. Then, after a moment to realise that horizons don’t wave, I realised that it was actually something flapping in the distance, growing larger by the minute. I checked through my list of things I knew could fly.

Pteradon. Nope, not that.

Kobolds. Too big.

Tower. Nope, don’t think it’s another flying tower.

Eagles, ahh, yes, eagles. This looked very similar to the eagles we used to get up to the tower. In another minute, we were able to discern their passengers, one Goliath, one Snow Leopard, and one small Kobold clinging to the snow leopard.

Oh thank Thistle, here come the rest of our party.

With nothing to do, but show them around our new temporary home, we headed to the top floor to replace the egg onto its stand. Tia’Vari headed instead for the small study area, and left us to care for it. As we reached the alter, we spotted another Kobold, sans wings (am I allowed to point that out? I mean, most Kobolds don’t have wings, it’s not a disability or anything!). His name, apparently, was Izkin, and he was confused. Apparently his God had instructed his tribe to protect the lower tower from attack, and they’d flown off to do this. He didn’t have wings, so was left behind.

I’m very grateful that he hadn’t sussed our involvement in this, so reassured him that they were brave warriors. He asked why we had his sacred Egg, so I tried to persuade him that it was actually ours, and they’d just borrowed it from us. He asked his God for guidance, and thankfully his God spoke to him through the statue, telling him that he should help us, and look after the egg.

It was totally the statue, I didn’t use a spell to tell him… Why are you looking at me like that?

So with our second Kobold friend onside, we started to discuss the ritual he’d been casting, and started to hunt around for the revered ritual that he’d be casting. It was quite difficult to follow… basically kill something, make a candle from its fat, burn the candle on the statue till it goes out whilst chanting, then kiss the egg.

Glad to see Kobolds have kept the pomp out of their ceremony. Turns out he’d done all the ceremony up to the kissing the egg part, then someone attacked the lower tower and the god sent everyone off! Oops.

Also turns out that the candle needs to be freshly made, and guess who’s all out of Dire Lions to kill.

We decided, seeing as our tower was floating freely, and we weren’t able to guide it, that we’d look into a way to help the little chap. First off, we had to work out how to lower the tower so we weren’t several hundred feet up! Turning into a T-Rex wasn’t sufficient apparently, it made the tower dip and rock a bit, but it wasn’t quite heavy enough.

After some vague planning, we decided we needed a huge amount more weight, and as luck would have it, we happened to have a large amount of gold in a portable hole. Placing it in a pile in the middle of the second floor was a bad plan though, resulting in the tower almost toppling.

It occurred to me that this was a bad idea as I slipped from the balcony and started falling towards the sea. Live and learn eh? A quick spell later, and I’m flapping my wings and heading back up to the tower. After a few apologies, we got most of the gold back into the hole, and drew a line through that plan. Arn suggested that it was a good plan poorly executed, and suggested we do the plan on the ground floor instead, Dovin offered to repair the holes so the gold didn’t fall out, and plan B was formed.

Plan B required me slowly pouring the gold from the hole into the floor, then ripping the hole off the wall at the right moment.

All plans always go perfectly. I timed it just right, and the tower glided down. It totally didn’t drop like a stone hitting the water with a splash. Whoever told you that must be lying!

So with a slightly submerged castle, I quickly polymorphed Izkin into an octopus, so he could rescue the floating egg, and move it upstairs. I grabbed the egg, he grabbed me, and swiftly propelled us towards the stairs.

Thats when the Dragon-thing attacked.

Of course it was.