Tak – Turtle Soup.

Where was I?

Dragon-thing attacking the tower!

Oh, that’s right.

Due to a mistake, we’d splashed down into the sea. We weren’t sinking, which is a good thing, but the lowest level of the tower was under seven foot of water.

Seven foot of water isn’t a huge issue if you’re an eight-foot-tall Goliath and made of rocks. If you’re, for example, a Tiefling, or maybe a Kobold, it’s a little more of an issue. Izkin, fortunately, was already an octopus, and swimming with the egg (and me) under his tentacle.

Poking in through the tower entrance was the large, somewhat angry head of a Dragon Turtle. Both Drax and Arn were already poking at it with swords and axe. Maeb and Echo had retreated to the stairs, and it looked like the Turtle would get a bite at us as we passed. Couldn’t risk the egg, so I teleported with it upstairs. Tia’Vari looked a bit surprised as I popped into view, but readily accepted the egg as I rolled it to her.

I ran back to the top of the stairs, trying out one of the new spells I’d learnt. Arrows leapt to my hand as I drew back my bow, and I fired a volley down at the turtle. Behind me, I heard Tia’Vari coming to investigate, and ahead of me Izkin sent a wave of biting bugs at the creature.

I grinned, this was going to be easier than normal!

There was a deep inhalation of breath, The Turtle had reared back its head, and with a hissing, fizzling sound, it spewed forth a cloud of steam that hurt like hell. I was quite glad that I’m used to hot climates, it probably hurt everyone else a lot more than it did me. Next to me, Echo collapsed to the floor, his fur steaming. Gods, not Echo! This beastie was in trouble now! The spell I’d cast to fire faster fizzled, and I was left with a difficult choice, one made easier by Echo collapsing. I dived forward, making sure I could see all my colleagues, and blue a few notes on my flute. Curling the notes into a wave of healing energy, I sent it whooshing out, to help all around me. Echo’s eyes flickered open, and he took to his heels up the stairs. I don’t blame him; I almost did the same.

Swimming back, I raised myself from the water, singing out to Arn to punch the turtle in its big fat face.

Then Drax did the thing again. I’m not exactly what the thing is, but he struck down, hitting the Beastie in the head, and it started to ooze sickness. It struggled to shake it off, but Drax had cast the same sickness that he dropped Tia’Vari’s dead Dad with. Mr Dragon Turtle wasn’t a patch on Dead Dad. Spell after spell zipped in, Maeb, Arn and Drax hammered away at the Turtle, and with a final blow from Maeb the beast fell, almost crushing Arn under its weight. We swiftly pulled him out, and then set about raising the tower to a level where sea creatures couldn’t mingle with our supplies.

For this task, I summoned Phillip and a few of his friends.

Growing up in the tavern, I didn’t have a large amount of friends. Most adults don’t want an ankle biter around when they’re drinking away an awful day. So to pass the time, I had an imaginary friend called Phillip. Obviously I knew he was an imaginary friend, but he always laughed at my jokes!

When I finally learned to weave my songs into spells, I found I was able to summon forth that memory, and not only would Philip laugh at my jokes, he’d fetch and carry for me too.

Over the next few hours, I had Phillip, and a number of his friends, ferry gold from the ground floor into the portable hole. As the pile dwindled and the hole filled, we started to lift up out of the drink.

Arn and Drax then started to carve up the turtle, pulling meat, and an increasing pool of gold from it. Turned out that the gold and items that had slipped from the tower were swallowed up by the creature. Getting back bile covered gold isn’t my idea of fun… Fortunately this was mitigated by a few extra items it had swallowed elsewhere.

We spend the next few days experimenting with guiding the tower through a combination of changing height, and getting an air elemental to give the tower the occasional nudge. It’s no fast moving stallion, but it gets the job done!

On the fourth, or possibly fifth day, two things happened. Izkin and Dirt finished making their candles from the turtle’s flesh, and we spotted land. The wind shifted as we closed in, and we were drawn swiftly inland, towards the mountains. Arn recognised a few, so we were clearly across the north/south divide, and heading home. What he didn’t recognise however, was the large plume of smoke billowing from an angry looking mountain. An angry looking, fire breathing mountain. Apparently, in mountain-folk-circles this is known as a volcano.

With this being a cause for some concern, I asked if anyone wanted to check in on this, with it potentially being caused by slime monsters and minions of Corsinar. The general impression was that this would be wise.

As we closed in, Arn told me that we weren’t exactly inconspicuous. Instead he and Drax jumped on giant eagles to explore (Because Goliaths riding eagles are invisible!) While they were gone, We discussed with Maeb and Dovin the likely hatred directed at them by the Goliaths… On account of them being murderous southerners. Between us, we scrounged up a few magic items to change appearance, and Dovin mixed up his armour a bit to disguise its origin. He went a little over the top on spikiness, but I’d give him a b+ for effort.

Watching the two eagle riders land, we spotted a pack of Goliath nearby. I was tempted to swan-dive from the tower, putting on a show for them, but Dovin instead recommended anchoring the tower to a nearby tree. This seemed to work ok, so instead we hopped down.

Arn and Drax had befriended this war band, and been told of a group of Goliath working with Dwarves to harm others in the area. They’d caused the eruptions, and no other Goliaths could get close enough to stop them.

This sounds like a job for Tak’s Travelling Tower Troop of Turtle Terrorisers.

I’m working on that name. Give it time.