Tak – Forging ahead.

So before I fell asleep that night, I gave the pipes a quick check to see what they could do. Turns out they summon and control swarms of rats, so I dropped them in my bag for later. We finished our nights rest, and woke semi-refreshed in the morning.

The new addition to the party was called Rogart, and he was still naked the next morning. I’m not sure what I expected to be honest with you. I took my old set of armour out, and grabbed a cloak from my bag. We also grabbed a spare mace for him. He seemed a little critical of the gear we gave him, but to be honest he was JUST NAKED! Seriously, some folk have no manners!

We decided that what we needed now, was a plan. Here was the plan… Stick with it, its complicated.

We head back to the junction. Find a small cave. Hide the powder. Find the bad guys, and kill them.

It’s a wonder no one crowned me chief tactician before.

We were doing well on our plan, in that we made it to the junction. Arn headed off to explore a little, hoping to find a suitable location to stash the powder.

Within moments he came running back shouting! Either he had found the most amazing hiding spot ever! Or something was trying to kill him.

I stashed Mr Krabbs and Bunny, and broke out the ice spells. Just in case it wasn’t the former.

It wasn’t the former.

Two large Cats came bounding into view. Both had wonderful red manes. On second glance, both had wonderful fiery red manes. Fiery on fire red manes. Basically their manes were fire.

Fiery Fire.

So I shot one in the face with an ice bolt.

Izkin had the same idea, only he went bigger, and frosted the entire area (Maeb included) in a cone of frost. Then he shot one with an ice bolt.

Keep it together Tak, its not a competition.

Arn, having hidden himself behind a rock jumped out and stabbed one. Drax summoned several spirit guardians, who also laid into the Kitties. Maeb swung and sliced at them. In return, the two kitties mauled at us. Maeb and Arn spouted flames from the attacks, and Izkin rushed over to put Arn out, (he also threw an ice bolt whilst he did this. It was just showing off at this point)

The combat swung back and forth, the first cat falling, and the second one leaping onto Izkin. Maeb stepped in behind it finishing it off, and those that were on fire… stopped themselves being on fire.

They were a lot calmer about it that I would have been. I’d have been running round flailing my arms yelling “Ow Ow, Hot Hot”. But no, apparently only I do that.

They sat for a short while, taking a breather following the fight. This was a good time to examine how we’d done. Arn’s armour seemed to be hindering him more than helping, so I gave him the new studded leather I’d found. It was enchanted to help turn blades and was certainly quieter than his old scale-mail. The scale mail went to the no-longer-naked-dwarf Rogart, and I took back my old armour.

The Necklace of Adaptation we’d found previously went to Maeb.

Arn had also found some powder pots, which Maeb also took. A short while later she’d ditch them rather than accidentally blowing people up. It was a wise move. If only I’d thought about that earlier before we hit the lightning trap.

We returned for the powder and pushed on. Arn scouted ahead again, and after an hour or so’s travel, found a large set of stone doors. We searched around for an alcove to stash Mr Krabbs and the barrels. Once safely secured we addressed the problem of how to sneak through giant stone doors.

Out came the parchment and charcoal again.

With the aid of my companions we opened the doors in as authoritive a manner as possible.

“Hello, I’m here to carry out a spot forge inspection, I do hope you’re up to code?”

The room was silent.

Several Fire Elementals, Earth Elementals, Air Elementals, and Ononononononou Firehart turned to face me. None of them looked convinced.

Oh well, it was worth a try.

Ononononnononowoo started a traditional villain monologue. I’ll be honest, I can’t tell you exactly what she said. It was something about Corsinar wanting us dead, and killing Dovin, and something about sandwiches.

That last part may not have happened, I’m just hungry and it plays tricks on my memory.

Whilst I was trying to think of a witty way to tell her to shut up, Izkin dropped a snowstorm on her. It caused the lava… Oh hang on, I’ve not told you about the lava.

Or the room.

I get bad at story telling when I’m hungry.

This room was huge. It was the dwarven forge, and dotted around the room were a number of anvils. If you were expecting built up kilns or similar, you’re going to be surprised. This room contained rivers of Lava, conveniently placed for the dwarves to smelt stuff in.

Narrow rivers of lava crisscrossed the room, and at each forge a series of elementals worked the bellows and hammered at metal.

Well… They were doing that, then we strolled in asking to inspect the place. Blah blah blah snowstorm.

So, the snow and hail hit the lava, bursting up with steam and smoke. It also hit a number of elementals and Onnooneonetwo.

She replied by throwing a fireball at us, which… hurt a lot less than I expected. It was a massive explosion, but Maeb seemed to shield us from most of it.

A small expulsion from the lava in front of her formed into a massive cloud of gas, which started creeping towards us. Drax summoned another guardian, and set him between the majority of elementals and us.

This would be great, if two of them didn’t completely ignore the lava flows, and stroll across to start punching me in the face.

Onunuooh readied to cast another fireball, but Arn quickly shut her down with a spell that removed all the sound from around her. She looked angry for a moment then levelled her staff at us instead.

She poured energy into the staff, getting ready to release another fireball at us.

Not this time lady! I wiggled my fingers, sucking the magic from the air, and her staff fizzled.
“Suck on Counterspell!” I yelled. It struck me moments later she probably couldn’t hear me, so instead I made a rude gesture in her direction. That’ll show her.

Then, I realised that the two elementals were standing less than five feet from me, and their last blows had really hurt! So I teleported to the other side of the forge.

Maeb uttered a few words, and sprouted wings. She flapped once, twice, and when within 30 feet of Ohnomytoe she teleported next to her.

Arn, seeing the number of approaching elementals, dropped the silence spell, instead trying to frighten them away. These elementals were obviously made of sterner stuff, and didn’t frighten easily.

Things were getting tense. With ten elementals attacking us, Onenu Firehart throwing spells, everyone stuck in a small area. Things were not looking good.

But I’m hungry, so I’m going to make that sandwich. I’ll tell you what happened after