Tak – Going with the Flow

I’ve had my sandwich! I hope you’re sitting comfortably!

So Izkin was standing next to an earth elemental, and a fire one was drawing in on him. He was left with a choice between blowing things up, and running away. He thought about it for a second or two, and did something I’d not seen before. He blinked out of view. This wasn’t a teleport, or an invisibility spell, he literally wasn’t there anymore.

This was evident when Drax stepped into the spot where Izkin had previously been. I expected a crunch underfoot, but no. He just wasn’t there anymore.

Drax summoned forth another batch of guardians, one to guard him, and the other to harass Elementals that got too close. Maeb, entrenched with two elementals and Ohhoitsyou took a few swings at her, whilst dodging the blows (mostly) of the other two attackers.

Whilst they did this, I had a very important role. I choked on billowing lava particles as a gas cloud passed me. In my defence, it really hurt my throat!

Over by Maeb, OhShowMeBalloons turned into a massive magma elemental. Maeb took a few blows on her shield and kept on trucking.

Izkin popped back into existence, reached out with both hands, pointing a finger at a fire elemental and an earth elemental. The Earth elemental side stepped the beam, the fire elemental wasn’t so lucky, and turned to dust and ash in front of me. Izkin blew his finger tips and popped out of existence again.

Arn smashed his swords together, and roared at the close-by elementals. The Air and fire ones ignored him, the two Earth ones seemed shaken, and ran from him. Both ran past me, but I was too shocked to lash out at either. The pair of elementals hit the far wall, and cowered away.

Maeb and OhGoEatSnow battled it out, and with Maeb taking more and more hits. Drax and Arn finished off the Air and Fire elementals, and moved towards Maeb. I managed to cough enough dust up, and fired off a new spell I’ve been working on. I call it ‘Melty Brain’ because it basically… well… it hurts heads, and makes you do dumb stuff.

In doing so, I did dumb stuff too, I targeted OhBlowSomeCoal, forgetting it covered a large area. This also hit Maeb. Fortunately, Maeb ducked aside from most of the force of the spell. OhHoLetsGo and the elementals weren’t so lucky.

Izkin stepped closer, seeing them reeling from some melty brain, and hit them with another cold burst. This had the amusing side effect of stopped UtOhThatsLow from being a Magma beast, and she turned back to her goliath form. She yelled out, and summoned forth another elemental to help her.

Nope. Not this time sister! (I may have actually said that out loud.) I sucked all of the energy out of her spell using a counter-spell.

Maeb took this chance, and planted her foot firmly on OhNoLavaFlow’s Chest, and booted her back into the lava.

There was a sizzling sound, and a smell not unlike that of a bacon sandwich. She let out a scream, and the earth elemental leapt down into the lava, picking her up quickly.

Izkin wasn’t having this. Summoning forth the last of his power, he sent another cold wave winging towards them. The elemental braced itself, taking the hit. UtOhLetsGo didn’t. Her smouldering body became a smouldering corpse. The elemental held her up to look at her. Shook her a bit, then dropped her back in the lava.

NOOOO, my loot!

No, I meant, oh no, the evidence!

I quickly summoned an elemental of my own, and sent it to recover her body. Around me, my colleagues finished off the remaining elementals.

Its ok though, because the loo…. Body was safe.

Once the sounds of battle had died down, we called back in Rogart. He immediately grabbed a bundle shoved in one corner of the forge. Apparently this contained his armour and spell book.

We gather in all the items we found, and I started to examine them. As I removed the items from UtOhSheGo she started to dissolve into dust. Initially I panicked at this, but amongst her stuff I found a brown leather bag. I emptied its contents out, and scooped most of her into it. The previous contents were two slabs of bread and some ham! Yay, a sandwich!

I may have eaten it. It’s not my proudest moment, ok?

It was then that I realised how beaten up Maeb was.

Drax and Arn may have mentioned it once or twice, but I was busy checking the loot.

We decided to rest for a bit before we made any solid plans for the blowing up of the forge.

The next morning, we woke full of vigour. Most of Maeb’s bruises had gone, and between us we carefully moved the barrels into the forge. Rogart pointed out the best place to plant the explosives, and Izkin and Bunny Two ferried them into place.

Now came the cunning part. I summoned a fire elemental. Drax bound it to our service for a day. We tasked it with the command “Wait for eight hours, then go hug that barrel”

Then, we ran.

Well, we grabbed our stuff and ran.

Walked briskly.

A little over eight hours later, and we were standing outside. Nothing had exploded. Can Elementals tell the time? I turned to ask Drax this question when an almighty boom echoed across the valley. Small rocks started to rain from the sky, followed shortly after by slightly larger rocks. I activated Mr Krabbs and started to run. I noticed at this point that everyone else had started to run already.

Behind us, the thick black smoke pouring from the volcano top eased to a white plume, and with this firmly at our back, we set off home to the travelling tower.

Tomorrow we can deal with the goliath tribes. Tomorrow we can deal with a lot of things. Today, today I just want a comfy bed.