Damn you Tim Minchin

A year or so back, I started reading Roald Dahl books with Maia at bed time. We’d read a chapter each night (god bless ‘The Twits’ and their short chapters). We started with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and went onwards from there. After each one, Maia would ask if there was a film version, and she’d sit and watch the film 3 or 4 times. 2 chapters into Matilda, and the question came early. I told her she could watch it if she wanted, but it might spoil the end of the book. She made the decision early, and would occasionally get the sniggers as I read to her, because she knew what was coming.

Several years ago, (I’m jumping around time-lord-like in this post) a friend introduced me to the songs of Tim Minchin, and I spent a good few days on youtube, devouring all of his cleverly worded (and timed) songs, sniggering along as if each little joke was a secret one that only I got. Then he announced he was writing Matilda the musical (ahha, a link there!) Hearing this, I promised Dan that I’d take him at some stage, and that fell into the ‘one day’ trap.

<cue tardis noise> So a month or two ago, we found ourselves with some vouchers to use, and contacted <place of travel agents who are a bit crap really> to ask them to book us some mid-range seats for the whole family. We couldn’t quite stretch to stalls prices, but we were told we’d be seated to the front of the circle. We booked 5 tickets, as we’d decided we would take Maia and Mason, as well as Dan.  It was a little of ar risk, as we weren’t sure Mason would be happy to sit through the whole show, and it was possible Maia would fall asleep, as it was an evening show.

So, the night in question rolled round, and our seats turned out to not be mid-range. In fact, we were pretty much as far back towards the back as we could possibly go, without nosebleeds. But to counter this, we popped a pound in a few times, and came out with three sets of Opera Glasses (though Cal refused to call them that, as they had no stick.)

The show started, and the kids were immediately transfixed. Mason found it a little loud, but watched with his hands over his ears, laughing at all the right places. The stage was amazing, with bits popping up and down, and in and out through-out the show. The actors were outstanding, though I struggled at times to hear the kids pronounce the words to some of the songs, but I think thats probably more to do with me, than the sound system. And the songs, well… They were just what I expected. Cleverly dark, melodic, and catchy.

The story for Matilda had been rewritten slightly, but this wasn’t a bad thing. It added a slightly different element to it, though I’m not going to describe this, because I think its better to see it, rather than hear it second hand.

Maia made us queue up a play list the next day, and listened to the songs on repeat. One of the songs (I’m here) gave me the serious ‘feels’ on the night. Hearing it again had the same effect. Maia told me, half way though, that that song had made her cry during the show.

Consequently, this song has now been in my head for 2 weeks non-stop. Its playing in my head when I wake up, and when I go to sleep. Nothing can shift it. Damn you Tim Minchin.

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