Episode 33 – Finger Guns and Gravity.

So we surveyed the potential battlefield from above. Bunny II and Rarity struggled under their dual burdens, and after seeing the sheer number of mudmen crawling around, it became obvious we’d need a little help. We took a quick vote and decided to go back and collect Drax and Izkin.
Back at the tower, we discussed potential methods of attack. Eventually Arn just slammed his fist on the wall and said “We take the tower!” I didn’t write that in full caps, but that gives a good hint at the gruffness of voice he used.

So we took the tower.

We hovered at about 100 feet up. I figured if I couldn’t cast spells on things on the ground. They couldn’t cast spells on me. Once we’d found a good spot, filled with mudmen, it was time for our attack. The plan was simple. Featherfall down in wizard Special Forces style. Firing arrows and spells as we descended. Wipe out all the bad guys. Win.
At this point. We could probably see around 20 mud men. We destroyed at least half of these before we hit the ground.

Glancing around, I realised that Tia hadn’t joined us. She was sat up on the tower still, watching us with a bemused smile on her face. To our left, a fireball bloomed. It had her signature all over it. Ok, so she wanted to stay at far range then.

Izkin reached over and patted Bunny II on the leg. He waggled his eyebrows. I swear he didn’t pick that up from me. I started to feel a bit queasy. 10 beers queasy. From Bunny’s stance, I don’t think I was alone. Behind the mudmen, a ripple formed in the air, and suddenly where once was nothing, not a huge gnarled tree stood. Its bark glistened with the familiar oily residue that we’ve come to recognise as blight. Off to the left and right, similar shimmers resolved into other corrupted Ents.

So, that’s how it is eh?

From above, another fireball bloomed. Tia again. Maeb plucked a gem from her helm, and a second fireball exploded.

Bunny II hiccupped, and opened her mouth, A wide beam of fire leapt forth, dowsing the closest Ent and Mudman in fire. I was about to pat her and ask if she was ok when I felt a sneeze brewing. I sneezed and lost my eyebrows in the process. Another lance of fire tickled at the Ent, and his outer branches caught fire.

Izkin turned slightly, positioning himself so he could easily see two Ents. He poked out both fore-fingers, pointed at each of the ents, and muttered a command word. Two beams, blacker than anything I’ve seen before leapt from his fingertips. Direct lashing out at the ents. A section from each of his targets just vanished. On one Ent, it was a section of his main trunk. A massive hole in the middle just gone.

Izkin blew his fingers smugly, and holstered them. Behind him, one of the Ent’s he’d targeted lash out, knocking him left and right. His eyes crossed a little, and he looked concussed, so I had Bunny swoop in. I jumped from the saddle and teleported with him to a safe spot next to Tia’Vari.

Back below in the battlefield Drax and Arn were being batted around like Cat toys. Maeb had engaged one of the Ents in combat from Rarity’s back. The Two Goliaths had managed to rain retribution on the corrupted Ent’s, and with a swift well-placed blow, Arn dropped first one, then the other. I jumped back down, intending to float back to the fight, but Bunny II caught me mid-air. We made a beeline for Maeb, releasing one of my more powerful healing spells on the way. Trying, whilst I did, to target as many of my friends as possible.

The tide of the battle had changed, all the mudmen were down, and only one final Ent remained. It struck a pose, grabbing low and thrusting its hand up. Around us, twenty more Mudmen rose. That’s just not fair. I didn’t read in the rulebook that they could do that! I call shenanigans!
Izkin swooped from his perch, He was yelling something as he did. I’m not sure what it was, but it sounded awfully like

“Whoops sorry!”

I was confused. He hadn’t done anything. Suddenly, almost all the mudmen and the Ent looked very alarmed. They started to fall upwards. Flailing like Dolls. Maeb, having been stood next to them, als started to fall upwards. It took a moment for Rarity to re-orientate herself, and as a result, they fell upwards slower.

Izkin giggled, yelling “All change” and he dropped his anti-gravity spell. All the mudmen and the Ent had fallen to around 100 feet up in the air, suddenly found that 100 feet up in the air became 90, 80 60, 30… SPLAT. The Ent… Ended. The Mudmen, died. Everything that was standing around just stopped. No more mudmen. I’d say it was anti-climatic, but looking around, everyone looked beaten and bruised, with the possible exception of Tia’Vari, who hadn’t let the tower platform. We ferried everyone back up, dragging with us the last corpse of the fallen ent. Its skin giving off some kind of arcane essence. We started to examine it, when Dovin came bursting into the room. Apparently Tia needed us instantly. Something was going on with her Egg.

Fearing the worst… (Well, I say the worst… In my mind someone had stolen the Egg, or Someone had dropped it. Scrambled sibling all round maybe?) I grabbed Drax and teleported upstairs. On the table in front of Tia, the egg rocked slightly. Tia was frantic with worry.

“What if its bad. What if its evil? What if it’s a new minion of Corsinnar?”

Look, I’m not proud of what I did next. It totally wasn’t hilarious and was immature and unfunny. Honest.

I invoked one of my cantrips, and hushed infernal whispers started to surround the egg. The faint sounds of chanting and whispering echoed around the room.

Everyone started to freak out, but I couldn’t keep a straight face. I dropped the spell as I fell into fits of giggles. Tia fixed me with a firm stare, and her silence said enough. Bad Tak, no cookie.

She turned back to the egg as a long crack appeared along the width of it. A chunk of shell fell away, revealing a small silver eye. Something uncurled inside, and more shell cracked and crumbled. As the creature inside stretched, the final pieces of shell dropped away, and we were left facing an incredible small, yet shiny and fully formed Silver Dragon Wyrmling. It fixed its eye on Tia’Vari, and she jumped. We found out afterwards that it had been communicating with her by telepathy. This was her sister, Sil’Vari. Last of the silver Dragons. Tia was to be her Guardian, and Sil would possibly hang around for a while.

Currently, she was roughly the same size as Arn. I’d never seen a Wyrmling before. I’d imagined baby dragons to sit in your palm, but if Sil sat in my palm I’m not sure I’d still have a palm.

Well. Another joins the party. Now all we need to do is create a new forest Warden. Simple!