Episode 34 A smattering of Disco.

Arriving back in the city, we were met by Sergeant Scoff. Apparently Rodrin would like to speak to us again. Honestly, we get no rest.

We strolled through the streets towards the Bosshut, picking up quite a following as we did. Initially I thought they wanted a song, but quickly it became evident that Sil’Vari’s presence was stirring up the crowds. Izkin siddled up to me, asking if we should perhaps sell tickets to make some fast cash on the side. We had to remind him at this point that our tower was over-flowing with gold! As he turned away to contemplate this, I spotted his wings. Suddenly I wondered if Sil’Vari’s birth would affect these! I reached out and pulled on his wing.

Apparently, you don’t pull wings in polite company. Lesson learnt.

Reaching Rodrin, he started to explain that with the area of blight cleared, a large number of forces were freed up to help push the advancing line of blight back. He outlined a list of forces. We added to this the approaching Goliaths, Dwarves, and Order of the Tree Druids. This gave us quite a decent number!
He then admitted that the general that would normally order the troops into battle had been lost in a tussle with mud monsters, and would we help with the planning.

There were four issues that needed seeing to.

Holding the line of blight

Rescuing some fishermen who’d been providing food to the city.

Helping the last remaining Ent hold back the blight.

Gather a village of Gnomes that had refused to leave when the blight encroached. Apparently the Forest Warden had told them not to.

We sent the majority of forces to the front, and split the remainder between the Ent and the Gnomes. We decided to head to the village of fishermen ourselves to see what people and food we could salvage.

We spent a day preparing the troops, before heading out ourselves. The journey along the coast became perilous as we drew closer. High winds buffeted the tower, and the tame Elemental struggled. I summoned a second, and after a few minutes working together they managed to start making headway again.

On reaching the village, we spotted flames leaping into the air. A quick recon mission was needed, so Izkin and I took to our wings, swooping around the village to find out what we could see. Several Fire elementals dotted the landscape, clawing away at the village buildings setting them on fire. Orcs ran for cover, with a small bunch trying desperately to load a wagon with crates. This should be quite easy. We’ve fought elementals before. It’s no biggy.

We returned to the others to explain what we’d seen. Whilst we’d been gone Maeb had also had a look, so between the three of us we had a pretty good idea of the terrain. I think that’s why we didn’t really think things through and come up with a plan. Normally we’d go in as a single group and attack the same things. Today though, we scattered.
In scattering, it meant we were each dealing with elementals of our own. Izkin, Maeb and myself stayed up high, raining damage from above. Drax, Arn and Tia’Vari (with her sister Sil’Vari in tow) made a beeline for the closest two elementals.

Being on Bunny II’s back certainly gave me an advantage, I could see a wider view of the battle, and as I glanced down, I spotted two large semi-familiar creatures leap from bushes.

These looked remarkably similar to the mounts a lot of Gnomes rode. In fact, Dandelion had told me when we first met, the she’d been a herder for Jakelope (Ja-Ka-Lope), breeding them for riding.

I’ll be honest, They basically looked like giant Bunnies. Dandelion had always described them as having massive antlers, and being viscous beasties, but every one we’d ever seen didn’t have these antlers. Massive Bunnies. Apparently, most of the time it was because either “they grew them in mating season”, or “This is a female jakelope, their antlers grow in at a later age”. There was always a reason why it wasn’t just a giant bunny.

Anyway. Giant Bunnies leapt from the bushes, only… They weren’t giant bunnies. These had weird boney protrusions from their faces. Not antlers, no, these were more like an ants mandibles. They looked rabid, and ugly as hells! I think these might have been JakeNopes.

Izkin spotted them first, whilst sending a beam of frost arcing through the air towards an elemental. It connected, sending hissing steam into the surrounding area. Tia’Vari followed up with a globe of ice that she summoned from the air, sending it hurtling towards another elemental. Arn dashed over, wielding a new blade we’d had crafted for him by the town weaponsmith. Stab, stab, and a final stab. The first JakeNope reeled back from these blows, and kicked out at him. How it didn’t send him flying into orbit I’ll never know.

Izkin peppered the area with an icestorm. The icy projectiles damaging elementals and dampening the fire surrounding them. Tia followed with a Sleetstorm, which had a similar effect. Maeb swooped in, stabbing left and right, and Drax summoned forth more guardians to help.

I glanced at the JakeNope pacing below me. It had leapt a few times trying to reach me, but I was just a little too high. Perched on its back, angrily screaming was a familiar face. Dandelion sat snarling with her firey red hair slashing backwards and forwards. On closer inspection her hair didn’t look like hair any more, it more resembled firey tentacles. As I watched it, it appeared to also be watching me.


I glanced across the battlefield again, and noticed that most of the elementals and Jakenopes had nicely lined themselves up for me. I whispered to Bunny II, and she swooped down in a dive at Dandelion. As we rushed closer, I grabbed my lute, and whispered a few words on an incantation I’d been working on.
“Disco Disco Disco Spray!”

Ok, the catch phrase could do with some work, but a wedge of multi-coloured light leapt out from my lute. Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Violet and Black. Where the light fell across the enemy. One Elemental immediately vanished, one was blinded. Acid, Poison, and ice damage abounded. Unfortunately, I’d not been as careful as I’d hoped. Maeb and Rarity also we hit with multiple beams. Whoops. Sorry. Rarity froze in place, and Maeb leapt from her back.

I think I might need to refine this spell. Bad Tak!

On the plus side, a second Elemental also died!

I swooped back up, momentarily placing myself within Dandelions reach. She lashed out with a very familiar axe we’d had made for Wordi (Damn you Flower).


Then the hairs eyes (yeah that sounds weird) turned on me, and the hair also lashed out.


And now I’m on fire.

Izkin swooped a little closer. Double pointy fingers at the ready. Two black beams lashing out at the JakeNope and Dandelion. The pretend rabbit reeled back in pain. Dandelion just looked angrier.

Turning her attention from me, Dandelion spotted Maeb at an easier to reach height, and rushed in to attack.

We needed a plan. Maybe it was time to pull something big out of the hat, though I think most of us had already swung with our biggest weapons. I’ll get a drink, and tell you what happened next. Hang in there.