Episode 34 ½ (or 35… You decide, I won’t judge) Stupid #@$ing Gnome!

Ok, Ok, I said I’d get back to you on what happened next! I’m going to apologise though. I’m feeling angry, and it limits my storytelling!

Between us all, we disintegrated, fireballed, and generally stabbed Dandelion and her bunnies to death. Through-out the fight, Dandelion got angrier and angrier before ultimately falling to our attacks.

We made sure the orcs were well, and organised getting them back to our tower together with the food they’d been trying to rescue. On reaching the tower, we found a note. Once more in flowery writing.

It basically stated that Flower had visited. Quite liked our portable hole, and stole it.

With half our gold, and the one main method we used for controlling the height of the tower.

Stupid little git. When I get my hands on him…

So, we limped back to the city, in the tower, floating five feet off the ground. On reaching the city we passed the food and orcs over to the city and visited the bosshut.

The missions we’d sent out had sent word back. The Ent had died, our forces weren’t enough to save it. The gnomes had been saved. The line had held. We’d lost a fraction of our forces, but if ever there was a time to push forward into enemy lands, it was now.

We rode North east for as long as we could, pushing into the blight. After a day or two’s travel, it became obvious that the horses we’d brought were just a hindrance and we pushed on by foot. Each night, we’d rest, and I’d summon forth a small hut to keep us protected. (It provided shelter, rather than run around with a sword and shield!) This plan worked for a few days, when on the fourth, we encountered a strange figure leaned against a stump. It didn’t need much observation to recognise a druid, nor much extra to see the madness and blight in his eyes.

I started to pull Bunny II into a climb, but from the muck next to me, a giant Crocodile burst. It tried a bite, which I turned away with a witty remark. I was busy congratulating myself for saying “In a while!” when its tail smacked into Bunny, sending us both tumbling into the dirt.

The druid raised his hand, and started chanting. So, I did the only sensible thing, and threw a force cage around him. That should take care of him for a while!

Now, I just need to deal with Chompy the Crocodile!