Episode 36. Druids, Druids, and… trees.

The closer I get to the conclusion of this story, the more breaks I have to take! Honestly, the memory of the fight alone is enough to tire me out!

Lets see… Druid inna Cage. Check.
Chompy the Crocodile… Snap! I mean… Check.
Chompy was sitting there glaring at me. No tears on this monster. I grabbed hold of Bunny II, and winked at the Croc, then teleported away.
The Druid I’d catched vanished. (Bah, stupid Druids cheating their way out of my powerful spells!)

Arn fired off his crossbow at the croc, hitting it squarely between the shoulder-blades, then ducked behind a tree and vanished from sight. Maeb uttered a quick prayer, and the air around her shimmered an odd yellow radiance. Drax drew on the radiant energy, and sent a bolt of blinding light into the crocodile. There was a fair amount of stabbing, and throwing around of pewpew spells. I lost track at this point of who did what.

The second Druid reappeared outside the cage. He’d turned into a mouse and scurried between the bars. I must make a point of making it a solid cage next time!

The Croc, being black and blue from the spells and attacks morphed into another druid. Either Crocodiles are shapeshifters now… Or maybe this was never a crocodile to begin with! He struck a stance, and called down fire from the skies. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t overly fond of this idea, so I sucked up the arcane energy he was using, and counter-spelled it. He glared at me, (diddums) and his friend struck the same pose. Rats, I was in the middle of recharging, so wouldn’t be able to stop this one!

Tia’vari, bless her little silk shoes, Counter-spelled it. I was so proud! Then… Then she did something amazing. From the ether she pulled forth a giant hand. It mimicked her hand in every way, except size. This thing was 10 foot across. She raised her hand, and brought it down flat on top of the Druid. Scratch (or maybe Splat) one druid. She backhanded the other one, sending him flying. We made quick work of him while he reeled from the blow.

Then, we pushed on towards the “make Dovin a Forest Warden” place. We can only have taken another ten steps when Ents and mud-men assaulted us. It’s feeling very much like someone doesn’t want us to make it!
So, We killed them too.

Yes, I’m sure I could describe how Izkin used his disintegration beams, or how Maeb plucked a gem from her helm and cast “Tak’s Disco Spray” (Apparently she doesn’t call it that, apparently NOBODY calls it that…) There was lots of pews. lots of stabs, and ultimately, we’re that much closer to Corsinar. What’s important though, is that Flower decided to join the fight. He snuck up behind me, and stabbed me. I’d be offended, but that clearly means he thinks I’m the biggest most powerful person in the party! Either that, or he hates me, and let’s face it, it couldn’t be that!

So… I was standing there with bits of me falling out that shouldn’t. Barely holding it together, and thought this would be a perfect time for my new spell. I cast it, immediately making myself invisible, and a second, almost as awesome Tak appeared. He chased after Flower, making sure to keep him in sight. I say he… It was technically me. I could see everything Tak II could, and guided him where he needed to go. Everyone else gave chase after Flower, and he frantically turned and stabbed Tak II. I think he thought he was actually me. Fortunately for Tak II, he wasn’t real. So Flower stumbled through him, into the path of everyone else.

And they unleashed all the fire and anguish back on him that he’d caused us. He probably lasted around 5 seconds.

I stumbled over to his body, drinking potion after potion, trying to get myself back to a stage when I didn’t feel like two halves of me were heading in different directions. I grabbed the portable hole from his body, and a few other notable bits. Tia swooped in and grabbed her library book.

I very much doubt we’re going to get a chance to rest before we meet Corsinar, but win or lose, we got Flower first!