It’s the most wonderful time… of the day…

I’ve probably mentioned a few times before that I work from home. Normally when I mention this to friends, or people I’ve just met the response is “You’re so lucky, you dont even have to get dressed! do you spend all day watching TV?”.

Prior to my current job (and, in fact, the one before that) I had a job where I’d ‘occasionally’ work from home. This occasionally meant every other Friday basically, and when I was at home, it was basically an excuse to goof off. Now that I’m permanently working from home, that can’t work. So I get on, and get what I need to done.

Prior to my working day, I drop my daughter at school, and usher my sons out of the door to walk to their schools. When I get home from the school run, the house is beautifully quiet. I sit down, open up my remote connection to my work machine, and get started.
Around 3ish, the kids start getting home, and depending on the afterschool activitites, I collect my daughter. When I get back from this, its back into work, but at this point, I also have to get the kids to carry out their chores.

Growing up, we had a list of chores that would earn us a certain amount of pocket money. These were things outside of normal day to day stuff, like bedroom tidying, and making food/ironing our own clothes.

Yet, getting our kids to sweep the floor, or wipe the sides is akin to forcing them to jump off a bridge into fast moving water.

I hate getting them to do their chores, just because it always ends in me feeling like I’m bearing a whip, and I’m not cut out to work in the sun raising pyramids.

At what age are you allowed to trade in your kids?

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