A post about something other than Games?

My brains weird.

Well, thats not exactly news. I’m pretty sure my reasoning for this is similar to something a lot of people do.

I’m going to be windy and twisty about getting to the point/reason with this one, bear with me!

One of my most frequent day-dreams is getting the chance to go back in time, and change my exercise/eating habits before I became fat and lazy (I know I shouldnt say fat, but hey, I’m allowed to, I’m describing me rather than someone else). In this daydream, suddenly past me decides to avoid pizzas, cut down on food portions, and try to eat healthy foods I like.

Realistically though, past me would instead tell future me to bugger off, and then wonder wistfully if he could go back in time to when he was younger, and change something about himself he hates.

If tomorrow, future me came back and said “Theres still time, you need to exercise/diet now, or you’ll be dead in 5 years” I’m still not sure what I’d do. Truth is, most of my issue is laziness.

I blame most of it on the fact that I can’t fit in the exercise. I get up at 7 each morning, and start the ‘fun’ of raising the rest of the household from the dead. Its quite a summoning act. I dunno which is harder, getting up my better half, or getting up my teenage sons. At least my 6 year old is cheerful to see me in the morning though. I chase them all through eating breakfast, dressing, brushing teeth, and then I drive my daughter to school and my better half to the station.

Then I return home, log on to work and start my working day.

Whilst my working day is pretty laid back, theres not much time in there for breaking to exercise.

When work finishes, its time to collect the daughter from after school club, collect the better half from the station, and then feed the children. Once they’re fed, its bath and bed for the youngest. and then its splodge time.

This is my excuse.

When the dogs are not in season, and not being dirty hussies, I also walk them for about half an hour. But this doesnt really count as exercise unfortuately.

So, I need to change things, to change me. Because despite what future me might say, he’s not a dick. Well, not anymore than I am.

Heres how I need to change.

Sleep earlier. (12am is not an acceptable sleepy time for a growed up. I’m no longer a teenager by at at least double. I shouldn’t be up till silly o’clock playing games.)

Rise earlier. (Getting up an hour earlier will give me exercise time)

Walk the dogs in my lunch hour. I get a lunch hour, I should use it.

Eat smaller portions. In my house, the kids eat different food to that which my BH likes, and my BH and I eat different food, so often I’m cooking one meal for the kids, and one for me. Its rare that food comes packed for one, so I’m often cooking a portion designed for 2-4 people. Because I was always taught to eat whats put in front of me, and not waste food, I’ll eat it all. so, this one kind of leads on to…

Don’t be afraid to leave food. After all, it’s not going to waste now anyway. I have dogs (well, half dog/half hoover) anything left will get devoured.

So, thats 5 points that I should print out, and stick to my desk. together, perhaps, with a chart for weight that I can tick if I lose any. In theory, this all sounds positive, and great. The hard part will be employing will power to stick to it.

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